Assets International, LLC BBB Business Review


If we’ve contacted you, it’s because we’ve found dormant assets that belong to you. Possibly you are a missing heir of a distant relative, one you may not have even heard of. Very possibly, you’re a missing beneficiary named in someone’s will or insurance policy.

This may sound like it’s too good to be true.

It isn’t.

Assets International is a licensed and fully bonded Private Investigation agency that searches various legal and financial documents in the United States and abroad. Our goal is to reunite individuals with cash assets (and occasionally physical property, too) to which they are entitled.

In most cases, our clients have no clue that these assets are due to them, so if you’re not expecting to come into any cash you’re not alone in being surprised (and possibly a little skeptical) when we get in touch.

We are industry leaders in asset recovery and care deeply about best business practices. We never ask for money up front. For your own security, we never ask for confidential financial information such as bank account numbers or other financial information. We don’t get paid until after you have recovered your money or other assets.

Assets International's services consist of three major components:

1. Determining the exact location of the individual's dormant assets;

2. Locating the individual who has legal entitlement to those assets;

3. Providing all the legal support and documentation to aid in the recovery of those assets.

Assets International is a member of the Better Business Bureau and holds an A+ business rating. Our legal staff, including expert lawyers, is licensed in several states and we have a network of multi-lingual experts worldwide to draw on for what are often complicated, intricate cases with many twists and turns.

No Risk – Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain

We would like the opportunity to work with you to recover assets that we have located. You have no financial risk whatsoever. Payment is due only after we successfully recover your assets. You don’t even pay any out-of-pocket recovery-related expenses, such as legal expenses. We cover that for you.

To begin the recovery process, call us at 248-557-4960 or contact us.

Client Testimonials

I want to thank you for helping me recover nearly $30,000 that I had no idea I had coming to me. I admit that Mr. Duchin's phone call surprised and even took me aback. I was grateful when he encouraged me to have my attorney review your proposal, and I was further surprised - but confident - when my attorney gave me the go-ahead. My biggest surprise was when I received the check less than 4 months later.

Thank you, Assets International.

Gratefully yours,

R. Cartwright