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Case Studies

Since Assets International's founding we have located many beneficiaries and missing heirs on behalf of estates.

Here are some of our more interesting cases:

Ø   In 1969, Johann Poulsen passed away in Michigan, leaving four surviving children in Norway. Thirty-five years later, when previously unknown assets were discovered, Assets International located all of Poulsen's living children and grandchildren.

Ø Emilio Ramos passed away in 2005, leaving behind his five siblings as heirs. Nobody had heard from one brother, Cesar, in over 10 years. Assets International was faced with three challenges: First, find Cesar. Second, inform Cesar that he was an heir, but, as delicately as possible, inform him that his inheritance was coming from a brother whom he had not known had died. Third, prove to the probate court in San Jose, California, that we had, indeed, located the correct Cesar Ramos, after attorneys and others had fruitlessly spent many hours trying to find him. After finding Cesar homeless and living on the streets of Sacramento, Assets International successfully convinced the skeptical court that we had the right man - and got him over $40,000 in inheritance.

Ø   Arthur Reed died in a house fire in 1983. Few details were known about his true identity beyond his date of birth. Through tenacious investigating, Assets International uncovered hundreds of pages of documents connected to Reed's previously unknown identity and criminal past. Shortly thereafter, relatives in Canada were located and were able to lay claim to the sizable fortune he had left behind.

Ø   Assets International worked with a student in Washington, D.C. to help retrieve her father's assets. Sure enough, we found her father - alive in Pakistan.

Ø   When Linda York died in a work accident, she was believed to have had few assets. She was, however, known to have had several children around the country. Assets International first located all four of York's children from different fathers. Months later, Assets International identified a series of high-end Certificates of Deposit registered both in her name as well as in the name of a mysterious, unknown woman. Further research revealed that, unbeknownst to her children, Linda had been adopted shortly after birth and the true joint owner of those assets was in fact her biological mother.

Ø   When Ernest Bloom passed away, he was the only surviving child of his divorced parents and died with no spouse or children. While attorneys made desperate attempts to locate any heirs, their searches came up empty. Once Assets International was brought in, we were able to locate the family's cemetery plot which led to the discovery of cousins who were able to legally assert their rightful claims to the estate.

All names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Client Testimonials


When you called to tell me that I was a missing heir with an inheritance from my aunt whom I had not seen in many years, I didn't believe it. It sounded too good to be true. Sure enough though, you were telling the truth. Your great staff recovered the money for me. This money falling into my lap will really come in handy. Thank you so much.

Shawn D.
Austin, TX


 I am just writing to say how satisfied I am with your services. I must say that at first I was a little skeptical, because (and no harm intended) up to that point, every time I had any involvement with the legal process, it was 180 degrees opposite of Perry Mason, if you can dig that!

But after a bit I saw that your company WAS on the ball and knew what they were doing (and doing it well). So thank you for letting me finally have that "Perry Mason" experience! Mr. Zwick was straight with me at all times, and, best of all, got things done.

My thanks go out to Mr. Zwick, and everyone else at the company that helped in my case. You can be sure that I will be passing the word about you guys, and letting people know just how great of a job you do.

J. Fulton
Daytona Beach, FL

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