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Mineral Rights

For oil and gas operators, maintaining suspense accounts comes with great costs and risks. Staff must spend extra time managing these accounts separate from other accounts. Also, the existence of suspense accounts is an invitation to state regulators, whether they are from an energy agency, undaimed property division or whatnot, to audit the operator's records. The more an operator maintains in suspense accounts, the more time and resources that operator must spend learning, mastering and complying with regulations that are not his focus, interest, or expertise.

Assets International can help relieve that burden at no cost to the operator. Assets International is a licensed, bonded private investigation agency that specializes in locating missing owners of valuable assets, including mineral rights. Throughout our history, we have developed an expertise in locating people and, in many cases, the long lost relatives of those who have been dead for decades. In the process, Assets International has transferred to our clients well over $60 million. In all cases, the beneficiaries - not the operators, landmen, or any other party holding the assets - pay us for our services.

If you are an operator who wants to reduce your compliance risk by having missing suspense account owners come forward, all you have to do is contact Assets International at or 877-327-4199.